During this time of Social Distancing, it is a perfect time to focus on our interconnectedness. Everything in our world, seen and unseen is energy and it is vibrating at a particular frequency or wavelength. Given that everything is energy that means that nothing exists in isolation, there is no separation. We are the ‘living matrix’.

Dr. Valerie Hunt, professor of physiological science at UCLA verified this interconnectedness using Kirlian or electrophotography that showed a person’s biofield or the energy field around them. This energy field moved into different patterns and frequencies in response to the person’s thoughts and actions. Her study showed that a person’s energy field is flowing at a certain vibrational frequency that changed based on their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors as well as changes in their external environment.

The HeartMath Institute shared research that demonstrated that we can change our DNA vibrational frequency with our emotions that are a different vibrational frequency within our system. Emotions like anger, hate, and fear compressed the DNA molecule while emotions of love, compassion and joy expanded it. Therefore, the vibrational frequency of our emotions will have a direct impact on our physical body or health.

Dr. Hunt was the first to discover the relationship between changes in our biofield and our health. She determined that problems in the body actually start in the energy field. Physiological symptoms appear due to disturbances in our energy field.

Since our thoughts and actions affect our DNA and our DNA affects the world around us through the vibrational frequencies we emit we can conclude we affect each other through our vibrational frequency.

Now is a perfect time for us to focus on the powerful effects of our vibrational field.  It is time to channel our thought, wishes and intentions into a dynamic force that can help ourselves, enhance the lives of others and actively change the world.

Through our thoughts, intention and prayers we can elevate our own lives and the lives of others. We can raise our collective vibration from mere survival to a high vibration of “AWE”.

So how do we actively enhance our vibrational energy field and extend that energy prayer field out to boost the level of energy in others? I’d like to share with you the four Tibetan extensions or four action steps depicted in James Redfield’s must read book, “The Secret of Shambhala”.

I have held workshops and shared these Four Extensions with many patients over the years and have seen them change peoples lives, improved their health and their relationships.

Let’s first look at prayer and intention.

Prayer: A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God, Spirit, Creator. It is at its root simply paying attention God. It is a conversation with God, Spirit, Creator. The purpose of prayer is to connect with spirit and create inner peace.

Intention: A strong purpose or aim accompanied by a determination to produce a desired result. It engages our will and opens us up to divine guidance

In the bible, Mark Chapter 11:24 prayer and intent are merged.  “Therefore, I say to you anything you pray for and ask, believe that you will receive it and it will be done for you.

This leads us to the first Tibetan Extension/action step which is to visualize and allow divine energy to flow into you constantly enhancing your own energy field or prayer field or vibrational field. You can use the emotional feeling of love as a measure as to how expansive divine energy is flowing in and out of you. To help with expanding your heart chakra, you may listen to my podcast meditation on Loving Kindness.

The Second Extension is to allow this extended prayer field to enhance the synchronistic flow in your life; to increase our state of alertness to intuition and coincidences and most importantly to EXPECT your energy field to bring forth just the thoughts and events necessary for your best destiny to unfold.

The Third Extension is to extend your prayer field out to boost the level of energy in others and to lift them into their own connection with the divine and into their own higher-self intuition/guidance and self-healing.

The Fourth Extension is to detach from the outcome of events, know there is something positive that can come from every situation. Remember the importance of anchoring and maintaining the outflow of your energy even in fearful or emotional situations. See things as they are but then refocus on how they could be. Go beyond expectations and thoughts dictated by negative past experiences. Stay in the now. Be present.

So to summarize visualize and allow divine energy to flow through you, let this divine energy be your guide, extend your energy field to help others, and keep your energy field expansive.

Remember you can always sink into your breath, focus on your heart chakra and send out love and gratitude with each exhale.

I hope this gives you some immediate tools to help raise your own vibration, expand your energy field and send this high frequency vibration to others.

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