Why is it that some people seem to have their life in order? They seem to know who they are and are sure of where they are going, while so many others feel lost and alone in this world?

It’s easy to think others have it all figured out because of their glossy outer appearance, until you walk a mile in their shoes. We all have ups and downs but the end result is what we do with each life lesson.

Just about everyone feels lost at some point in their lives. One major reason for this is that they have not been venturing out of their comfort zone.

People begin to feel lost when they only live within their comfort zones. For example, millions of people feel bored, frustrated and trapped in their jobs because that’s what their choices have caused them to be.

They’re stuck in ruts they’ve dug for themselves, while trying to avoid taking risks and making mistakes. They find unlimited reasons as to why they cannot do something.

Get out there and do things your friends would never guess that you would do. Push yourself to learn new, demanding skills and experience new places.

Living outside your comfort zone is exciting and fun. It can bring back the taste, zest and satisfaction for life.

I challenge you to live a “limitless life.”  Manifestation of the life you want is within your power. You are in the driver’s seat!